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AGRANA at a glance

As  a  leading  food  and  industrial  goods  group,  AGRANA  is   successfully   active   around   the   world   in   the   three   segments   FRUIT,   STARCH   and   SUGAR.   We   add   value   to  agricultural  commodities  to  create  a  wide  range  of  industrial products and supply both local producers as well as major global players, particularly in the food processing and feed industry.  

An integral part of modern life

The product range extends  from  fruit  preparations, fruit  juice concentrates, starches for food and technical appli-cations, bioethanol  as  a  sustainable  and  environmentally-friendly fuel and many different varieties of sugar as well as by-products from the sugar and starch production for the feed sector. 

AGRANA  maintains  a  global  presence  with  around 9,200 employees based at 58 production facilities located  on  all  continents.  Their  dedication  and  expertise  ensure the company‘s success. The Group has been listed  in  the  Prime  Market  segment  of  the  Vienna  Stock  Exchange  since  1991.  AGRANA  most  recently  generated  consolidated revenues of over EUR 2.4 billion.

Product safety

Our  strict,  certified  manufacturing  standards  guarantee  the  safety  of  our  products  for  our  customers. We focus on continually improving the quality and hygiene standards of the foodstuffs and animal feeds we  make.  As  a  commitment  to  our  customers,  we  strive  for  full  traceability  of  our  products  back  to  their  natural  sources.

The environment

Our  actions  and  decisions  are  taken  with  respect  for  nature  and  the  environment.  Our  products are sourced from natural origins, developed and produced  on  the  basis  of  the  latest  ecologically  sensitive  processes,  which  are  low-emission  and  efficient,  and  are  also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. AGRANA aims  to  rely  on  a  closed  economic  cycle  which  ensures  that  the  agricultural  commodities  used  are  recycled  to  an  extent  of  nearly  100%.  The  health  and  safety  of  the  workforce  are  a  key  priority  of  our  operational  policies  and procedures.

Joint Venture AGRANA and Amalgamated Sugar for the manufacture of crystalline betaine

In 2019 the Joint-Venture Company Beta Pura GmbH was founded and the construction of the Betaine Crystallization plant in Tulln, Austria started.

Joint Venture partner

The roots of the Amalgamated Sugar Company date back to 1897.  TASCO is the second largest sugar beet processor in the US and has approximately 180,000 hectares of plantations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington in the cooperative, giving it 1 million tonnes of sugar. Since 1997, Snake River Sugar Company has 100% operational control of the Amalgamated Sugar Company and since 2018 100% ownership, making it the parent company of the Amalgamated Sugar Company. Snake River Sugar Company is a cooperative of more than 750 sugar beet growers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

What The Amalgamated Sugar Company brings into the Joint Venture:

  • Raw material availability
  • Technology and know-how
  • Experience from own plant

What AGRANA brings into the Joint Venture:

  • Raw material availability
  • Location in the EU
  • Experience in chromatography and crystallization
  • Expertise in different sales areas, Betaine sales is exclusively by AGRANA

AGRANA in every day life


Agrana History

Dipl.-Ing. Sales Director Betaine Feed at AGRANA,
Global Key Account Manager Betaine Feed
Global Technical Product Manager