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Valerie Barbot
Valerie Barbot
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Palatability to stimulate feed intake and high nutritional demand


Krave® AP

Developed specifically for adult pigs to stimulate appetite and feed intake at times of stress or when nutritional demand is high. Stable in pelleted feed, pre-mixes and supplements. Provides palatability to ensure feed intake, sow condition at weaning and longivity. Feed intake is critical to sow and litter performance particularly during lactation where inadequate feed intake can lead to poor litter weights and thin sows at weaning.


  • Improved sow milk production
  • Heavier litters at weaning
  • Improved sow productivity and longevity


The unique feed sweeteners that combines Talin® with other high intensity sweeteners to create a powerful sucrose like sweet taste that provides a palatability base-line across feeding stages to stimulate early feed intake.


  • Improved feed palatability and appeal
  • Stimulates early feed intake for young animals
  • Facilitates early weaning and diet changes
  • Excellent masking agent
  • Excellent mixing properties
  • Stable during pelleting

Gusti Plus®

It improves the palatability of feeds and supplements to make them more acceptable to the animal. It will provide the nutritionist with complete flexibility when formulating rations with the confidence that they will be readily consumed, ensuring nutritional needs and production targets are met with minimum waste.


  • Provides a uniform taste and consistent feed intake when rationing at least cost
  • Stimulates appetite and feed intake during periods of stress
  • Maintains feed intake after abrupt changes in diet composition
  • Allows usage of higher levels of nutritious but unpalatable ingredients
  • Ensures target daily intakes of free access minerals and supplements are achieved
  • Reduces sorting and rejection of TMR components


A high-performance palatability product range designed to provide feed with a distictive long lasting aroma and a powerfull uniform taste that will mask unpalatable components of the diet and promote feed intake. Also available in combination with OPTISWEET components.


  • Improved Feed Palatability and Appeal
  • IIncreased flexibility to use cost effective and nutritious ingredients
  • Long lasting and stable aroma profiles


It is a unique combination of flavorings, appetizing substances and sweeteners formulated specifically for inclusion into creep and starter feeds to provide specific taste cues that will stimulate dry feed intake in the young animals pre and post weaning. Delistart combinations are designed for specific livestock species.


  • Improved Feed Intake
  • Faster Growth
  • Improve Productivity and Margin
  • Facilitates Early Weaning