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KOFASIL LAC - improves fermentation quality in silage


Fermentation in the silo converts the vegetable sugar into preservative lactic and acetic acids. This is made possible by the lactic acid bacteria which occur naturally in the silaged crop, but which have to compete with all kinds of other bacteria which negatively affect the silage process. These micro-organisms break down the valuable vegetable sugar. Valuable nutritional energy is lost.

The use of KOFASIL LAC GRANULAR adds a large quantity of specially selected lactic acid bacteria to the base material. Fermentation of the feed can start without any delays and the pH value is lowered quickly. KOFASIL LAC GRANULAR can be dosed with all generally available granulate spreaders.

The use of KOFASIL LAC GRANULAR means:

- Certainty of high-energy silage from crops which are moderately difficult or easy to silage.
- Reduced use of concentrated feed due to higher silage forage performance
- Better tasting silage = higher silage forage intake
- A better meat and milk yield for the basic feed improves silages from grass and grass/leguminous plant mixtures >25 % dry matter, whole cereal plants, CCM, silo maize and other easy to ferment types of feed

Commercial information

Available in canister, drums and container