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Krave® AP Developed specifically for adult pigs to stimulate appetite and feed intake at times of stress or when nutritional demand is high. Stable in pelleted feed, pre-mixes and supplements. Pr
Rhodimet®  Methionine is an essential amino acid and a basic structural element of proteins. Animals can’t synthesize methionine on their own, so synthetic sources must be added to th
Rovabio® Excel It is a feed additive containing a combination of 19 active enzymes produced by only one non-genetically modified fungus (Talaromyces versatilis). As such, these enzymes are natur
Apex® Apex® products are phytogenic mixtures that have been optimized by research for efficacy and stability. Using in vivo and in vitro techniques, Adisseo has explored the mode of action of
Mold-Nil® Is a range of mold inhibitors which are made with a unique synergistic blend of active ingredients to combat molds and yeasts. The quality of feed and feed material is determined by it
Unike® Plus, Good health and proper functioning of the organ systems is key for profitable animal production. With Unike® Plus, good health and maximum performance, even of the most sensitive
All animals have their own specific nutritional requirements, which depend (among others) on the digestive system of that species. Feed additives are known to increase growth rate, improve feed utili
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