Amino acids nutrition for broiler chickens

Amino acids nutrition for broiler chickens. Dr. Alex Corzo (Mississipi State University)

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Analía Göttig Analía Göttig
Community Manager
January 18, 2011
Dear users,

I would like to invite you all to share your experiences and opinions about this topic.

Look forward to your participation!
Abdou Gad Abdallah Abdou Gad Abdallah
Animal Nutritionist
January 18, 2011
Thank you, Dr.Alex Corzo
Your research topic of amino acid in poultry nutrition is very important and interesting. It is my favorite research area too. DDG’s may be a good feed ingredient although it is not the best but it has been used worldwide. The only concern about it is the mycotoxin level that may be high if the corn that has been used was contaminated with aflatoxins since DDG’s is corn but removed starch which represents two-third of its composition. Therefore, roughly the nutritive value of DDG’S is what have been found in the corn X 3 and the same theory can be applied on aflatoxin beside the moisture content is high that encouraging growth mold. Concerning Glycerin I don’t think it is suitable ingredient for poultry. This is because energy level of Glycerin is low (as carbohydrates) beside the digestibility of it is poor.

The second research area is very important in which you will start to study protein gene expression in broiler using biotechnology, this is something new but using invovo model will differ significantly than invitro since the amino acid metabolic process is very complicated in birds or live animal in general.

Generally good research topic and hope to be informed with any results.

Thank you again

Abdou Gad Abdallah,
Professor of Poultry Nutrition
Animal Production Research Institute,
Nadi El- Said St., 12611 Dokki, Egypt
Drmuhammad Shafique Drmuhammad Shafique
Veterinary Doctor
January 21, 2011
valuable research out comes have been presented in this video and better utilization of the amino acids particularly the methionine for the production of good quality carcasses.
January 21, 2011
Dear Doctors, Sir,

Even though I am not a qualified veterinarian,
my dedicated service since 3 decades in the Indian poultry industry enabled 100s of interaction with able professionals like you and transfer of innovative and research idea implementations by feed millers, farmers has sharpened me to an extent of understanding certain technical norms as far as avian and bovine nutrition are concerned.

And your colleague from Egypt has very correctly mentioned that :
the amino acid metabolic process is very complicated in birds or live animal in general and is a costly affair to the ultimate clients basic profitability. Also source of essential & non essential amino acid is most important in confirming complete metabolism and should be cost effective, which practically is not.

Ultimately the bird, animal has to have an extra dose of Energy at the most cost effective way to grow, lay, lactate and to be healthy.

Understanding this need we have come out with an unique conceptual nutrition supplement - active energy molecule extracts from medicinal herbs to deliver that extra kilo calorie of energy irrespective of qty and qlty of feed utilised to directly enhance quality productivity within stipulated time at the minimum cost.

Would like to share certain in house research finding of above on professional interest for the benefit of farming community.

Would request you all able professionals to give it a try and opine.

Thank and Best regards.
Vallal Rangnathan.

Alkam Ahmad Alkam Ahmad
Agricultural Engineer
January 20, 2012

Thank you a lot for your interesting and important information but I would like more information about the importance of tryptofan and valanine AA in broiler and layer feed and also the use of liquid methionine .

Please I´ll wait for help
Thanks again for all

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