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Webinar: From optimized intestinal functions to excellent performance of poultry

Date of publication : 3/29/2021
Company : Hankkija
Source : Hankkija

Webinar: From optimized intestinal functions to excellent performance of poultry - Image 1

How can we measure and improve the intestinal homeostasis in broilers?

20th April 2021 9:00 UTC. Register here

Join Hankkija’s webinar to learn more about the essential role of the small intestine in absorption of nutrients from our valued speakers! These functions crucial to the profitability of the poultry production are often disturbed by inflammation due to a variety of causes, including coccidiosis and even heat stress. Using modern research methods we can study those functions and develop modern feed ingredients to improve intestinal functions. Progres® – the only product to apply the power of natural resin acids in animal feeding – sets a benchmark for such innovations.

Prof. Dr. Richard Ducatelle (Ghent University)

Effects of small intestinal inflammation on health and performance in broilers

Dr. Juha Apajalahti (Research Centre Alimetrics Ltd.)

Research approaches for studying the mode-of-action of feed additives

Moderator: Juhani Vuorenmaa (R&D Director, Hankkija FFI)

Duration: 60 minutes.

Register here


Nature Creates – We Refine

Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovations have their roots in the long tradition of developing novel solutions in Finnish bioscience industry. Our highly innovative natural feed supplements promote better animal performance and gut health.

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