Phileo Microbiota Days
Phileo Microbiota Days

Phileo Microbiota Days

June 14, 2022 to June 15, 2022

Phileo Microbiota Days

Date of publication : 5/23/2022
Company : Phileo by Lesaffre
Source : Phileo by Lesaffre

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Phileo’s first global virtual event giving easy access to top talks on microbiota

Marquette, France (May 23, 2022) – It’s with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming Phileo Microbiota Days June, 14–15, 2022. This virtual conference will provide an overview of the latest scientific results and future developments related to microbiota and their importance to animal health across the lifespan of different animal species.

High level keynote speeches will be given by scientists from academia, institutes, and industry from Europa, USA and Brazil. Conference topics include, but are not limited to, interactions between the microbiota and the host, relationship between microbiota and performances, biomarkers, food safety, functional metagenomics, the rumen microbiome, intestinal bacteriophages, and in vitro tools to study the microbiome. Speakers include Ségolène Lebrun - GD Biotech, Laurent Debarbieux, PhD - Institut Pasteur, Prof. Richard Ducatelle- Ghent University, Dr. Lisa Williams- Hartpury University, Fanny Calenge - INRAE, MetaGenoPolis, Dr. Andres Gomes -University of Minnesota, Dr. Alex Bach-Marlex, Breno Beirao, PhD, DVM - Federal University of Paraná, Prof. SW Kim- North Carolina State University, Dr. Loc Tran - ShrimpVet Vietnam, Dr.T.G. Nagaraja - University of Kansas, Dr. Diana Luise - University of Bologna, Dr. Ruben Props – Kytos Belgium, Prof. T.R. Callaway - University of Georgia, Dr. Florian Plaza-Onate -INRAE MetaGenoPolis and Prof. Jan Suchodolski - Texas A&M University.

Followed by Lesaffre & Phileo experts, who will elaborate further on microbiota specie specific topics including ruminants, poultry, swine, aquaculture and pets.

All live presentations will be open for the complete industry. The complete agenda and registration can be found on the event website here

The aim of the Microbiota days is to promote the unifying concept that a balanced microbiota drives animal health and performance, says Dr. Lamya Rhayat, Microbiologist at Phileo by Lesaffre and Conference chair. Participants at the Phileo Microbiota days will have two days of live presentations focused on the role of gut and rumen microbiome in animal production and the dynamic and essential role gut health plays, continues Dr. Rhayat.

Phileo offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality and science-based probiotics and postbiotics to sustainably fuel the potential of livestock, poultry, aquaculture, swine and equine & pets. Our solutions support immunity, gut integrity and microbial balance, and proactively address viral, bacterial, and toxin challenges. In this way, we strengthen animals and foster a healthy and sustainable business for our customers. We believe the Phileo Microbiota Days will inspire the industry towards

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