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News published on January 31, 2008:

Using machines to monitor hen welfare and reduce egg breakage

Results from a recently completed Poultry CRC proof-of-concept project, Using "machine vision" to count hens and reduce egg breakage, has demonstrated that ‘machine vision’, or video image analysis ...
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Australian Poultry CRC release
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News published on January 15, 2008:

Poultry Management: No pathogen risk in litter reuse

Preliminary results from a Poultry CRC project being undertaken by DPI&F Queensland examining the reuse of chicken litter across broiler cycles have indicated that levels of food-borne pathogens are not any...
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Poultry CRC
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News published on January 14, 2008:

Can we be remembered as the Greenest Generation?

Alltech 2008 Symposium Invites Nutrition Industry Leaders to Rethink, Retool and Reshape the Nutrition DebateAlltech, a global leader in nutrition, will once again be hosting the world’s leading nutrition confe...
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Alltech Inc.
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News published on September 13, 2007:

Engormix Launches Brand New Video Service

ENGORMIX VIDEO is a new tool that will change our community. It’s not fresh news the proliferation of video websites that are quickly reproducing on the Net.Thanks to the release of videos in our communit...
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News published on May 18, 2007:

Australia - Student Eliminates Prime Suspect Chicken Gut Disease

An Australian PhD student has overturned 30 years of scientific dogma by eliminating the prime suspect believed to cause a common gut disease in chickens that costs the global poultry industries an estimated US...
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Australian Food News
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News published on March 2, 2006:

Mexico - Kemin Pigmentos opens new factory in Guadalajara

Kemin Pigmentos has started operations at its new factory located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, strengthening its leadership in the production and distribution of high-quality pigments. In this way, Kemin Pigments c...
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News published on January 11, 2006:

EU - Kemin Announces Price Increase on All Nutricines in Europe Effective February 1, 2006

Kemin Europa N.V. has resisted as long as possible the necessity to increase prices for their nutricines for the agrifoods industry. However given the consistent and significant increase in raw materials, on th...
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Kemin Europa N.V.
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News published on May 18, 2005:

Asia - Kemin opens new center in Singapore

Kemin Industries (Asia) Pte. Ltd. has announced the opening of its newly completed $1.3 million Asia-Pacific Innovation Centre in Singapore. Kemin Industries (Asia) began operations in Singapore in 1981 to prov...
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Poultry Today
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