OxyNova™, the new brand for the biological agent from AGRANCO Corp. USA

Date of publication : 1/7/2016
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OxyNova™, the new brand for the biological agent from AGRANCO Corp. USA, has been classified as ORGANIC

Agranco, a company leader in manufacture of products for animal feed, enzyme supplements, mycotoxins binders and products for the agricultural and feed processing industry; informs that the product Oxydol has changed it's name into OxyNova™, brand for which the company has obtained ownership. The product will continue to have the same features as before, except for the fact that from now on it will be called OxyNova™.

OxyNova™ is a mixture of enzymes and probiotics specially designed to digest pollutants in water bodies, products of industrial processes and commercial breeds of large animals. OxyNova™ also provides beneficial microorganisms which act on the pollutants, decomposing them into assimilable components for the environment. Other components of OxyNova™ accelerate the metabolism of these microorganisms, contributing to the prompt restoration of life in water bodies.

Agranco is confident that this change will reinforce the new positioning of their product and expect to receive a good reception among its current and future customers.

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