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New paradigm in Phytogenics at IPPE 2020 by Natural Remedies

Date of publication : 1/13/2020
Company : Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd
Source : Natural Remedies

This IPPE 2020; Natural Remedies invites you to explore a new paradigm in Phytogenics.

Meet our expert team to know more about NRSBP™ an innovative herbal powder concentration, to overcome the various challenges respect to the efficacy of natural products.

As you can read in this article, NRSBP™ stands for Natural Remedies Standardized Botanical Powder. They are herbal powders whose concentrations are standardized with minimal variation in the phytochemical actives, to ensure efficient phyto-active function in the animal’s body. Plants over the period of evolution have acquired various defence mechanisms to ward of predators and microbes. 

We will be present at Hall A Stall no 2811 in IPPE 2020. To know more visit here

Natural Remedies is a leading herbal veterinary healthcare company in India from the last 3 decades. As an organisation, we appreciate the immense potential and timeless benefits that nature proposes. In learning from nature, we identify the best solutions for the betterment of animals and humankind and leverage them through science.

Natural Remedies not only gives you pathbreaking products, but we continue our rigorous research to find new solutions like  NRSBP™. Our natural solutions are accepted in more than 30 countries globally, and we support the needs of the monogastric and ruminant animal population substantially

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