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New generation multi-species bacteria probiotic at IPPE - Come and see Phileo Lesaffre

Date of publication : 1/28/2019
Company : Phileo by Lesaffre
Source : Phileo Lesaffre

Meet Phileo Hall A2 -1955 at world’s largest trade show for poultry, meat and feed Industry.

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is the world’s largest annual poultry, meat, and feed industry event of its kind. Phileo is pleased to invite you to discover in person how their newest innovation, Microsaf® - the new generation multi-species bacteria probiotic in poultry, can improve your poultry business. Microsaf® will be officially launched by Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care at IPPE in Atlanta, giving the poultry professionals an exciting new route to improved feed efficiency and growth performance.

This new product is based on a unique combination of three selected Bacillus species, carefully chosen to produce improvements in feed efficiency, alongside their potential to inhibit major poultry pathogens including Clostridium perfringens.

The impact of Microsaf® is also enhanced by the 3-patent Germination Optimization Technology (GO Technology®), a new process designed to promote faster and stronger Bacillus spore germination. This maximises the product’s impact within the short transit time of 4-5 hours, which applies to most chickens.


Let the science convince you!

The International Poultry Scientific Forum (February 11-12), co-located with IPPE presents information on industry topics such as environmental management, nutrition, physiology, pathology, processing and products, and avian diseases. We are pleased to invite you to follow with us 2 oral presentations & 2 posters on the results of our innovative scientific research.


In-vitro evaluation of a novel 3 strain Bacillus probiotic. 

Tom Hashman1, TJ Gaydos2, Tadele Kiros2, Alain, Riggi3 .

1 Envera, West Chester, PA, USA.
2 Phileo – Lesaffre Animal Care, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
3 Phileo – Lesaffre Animal Care, Marcq-en-Baroeul, France.

Presented by Rober Kemperman3 (Presentation Number T188 and will be presented on 2/12 2019 at 8:45:00 AM in B315).


Effect of supplementation of Bacillus-based probiotics on broiler growth performance

 Alain Riggi2, Anis Hedhli 2, Ruth Raspoet 2, Doug Currie 1, Eric Auclair 2, Tadele Kiros2

1 Roslin Nutrition Ltd. Gosford Estate Aberlady, Longniddry, Scotland.
2 Phileo - Lesaffre Animal Care, Marcq-en-Baroeul, France.

Presented by TJ Gaydos2 (Presentation Number T192 and will be presented on 2/12 2019 at 9:45:00 AM in B315)

Performance of broilers fed diets supplemented with an experimental direct-fed microbial in the presence of a moderate Clostridium perfringens challenge in a 42-day floor pen trial

M. D. Sims1, T. J. Gaydos2, T. Kiros3, Ruth Raspoet3, E. Auclair3, and D. M. Hooge4

1Virginia Diversified Research Corporation, Harrisonburg, VA, USA;
2,3 Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, Milwaukee, WI, USA and Marcq-en-Baroeul, France;
Consulting Poultry Nutritionist, Pleasant Grove, UT, USA


Evaluation of the effect of three probiotic products to control Clostridium Perfringens induced necrotic enteritis in broilers

Charles L. Hofacre1, Anis Hedhli2, Ruth Raspoet 2, Eric Auclair 2, TJ Gaydos3, Tadele Kiros 3

1Southern Poultry Research Group, Athens, Georgia.
2Phileo - Lesaffre Animal Care, Marcq-en-Baroeul, France.
3Phileo- Lesafre Animal Care, Milwaukee, WI, USA

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