Microbiome & Latic Acid Bacteria Aplication Research Center

Date of publication : 12/12/2019
Source : Synbio Tech

Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum 2019 took place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, from 31st Oct to 2nd Nov. It was an exclusive trade show that represents Taiwan’s premier, international and professional B2B trading platform that focused on the field of livestock.

SYNBIO TECH participates in Livestock Taiwan Expo annually, this is the third time that we engage in the exhibition. This time many topics in the exhibition were centered on gut health. The intestine is a crucial immunity organ for not only probiotics but also phytogenics and other feed additives. Many presenters even mentioned Microbiome and connect the relationship between gut microbiota and the heath of livestock.

In the research of Microbiome, SYNBIO TECH has accumulated for more than 20 years of professional experiences to improve the human health and value of livestock and aquatic animals, from the perspective of regulating the intestinal bacterial phase. SYNBIO TECH established a national research center (Microbiome & Lactic Acid Bacteria Application Research Center) which diversifies the utilization of bacteria resources in the industry and is committed to developing into a comprehensive R & D center for lactic acid bacteria with international competitiveness.

SYNBIO TECH also launch a new product SYNLACTM-LeanAd. SYNBIO TECH research team collaborated with the doctor of animal husbandry to develop a new generation of probiotic product for swine. The latest research had shown that the addition of growth-promoting antibiotics to pig diets can cause an imbalance in the gut microbiota and significantly reduce the fat content in the muscles of pork, which in turn affects the accumulation of marbling and gives negative effect on taste.

Utilizing a unique probiotic formula SYNLACTM-LeanAd can adjust the gut microbiota of swine, make the gut flora produce special metabolites, strengthen the intestinal structure and immunity, improve meat tenderness and body shape. SYNLACTM-LeanAd can also reduce the use of injections and the odor in the environment.

According to the experimental data, using SYNLACTM-LeanAd can reduce the subcutaneous fat of swine by 19% and increase the loin eye area and muscle weight by more than 30% compared with the group using antibiotics. Studies had shown that LeanAd can promote the production of marbling meat in pigs, and have the potential to regulate fat metabolism and accumulation of muscle fat of swine. SYNLACTM-LeanAd can be used as an effective tool to increase profit on food market.

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