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News published on December 12, 2008:

The gut microflora and probiotics can impact stress and behavior

International scientists gathered for Institut Rosell-Lallemand Scientific Exchange break new ground on probiotics research and pave the way for new applications More than 40 scientists and experts from differ...
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Lallemand Inc.
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News published on August 26, 2008:

Gut Health - Is Anything More Important in Turkey Production?

Gut health challenges are a significant and costly issue for turkey live production. Thanks to the power of genetic selection, the commercial turkey has undergone dramatic improvements in growth and feed effici...
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Univ. of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
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News published on April 25, 2008:

Feeding the gut microflora to optimise bird performance

An advanced microbiological technique that provides a “snapshot” of the bacterial population in the chicken’s gut is being used to determine the right balance of bacterial species for the bird...
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Poultry CRC - Australia
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