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Industry leaders and students partner for 5th Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow Seminar

Date of publication : 8/5/2019
Company : Adisseo
Source : Adisseo

Adisseo NCA has selected Ohio State University as a partner for the fifth Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow seminar, an invitation-only educational event for poultry science and veterinary students, which brings together leaders in poultry academia and industry from around the region to discuss prominent industry issues and enable the development of collaborative solutions. The three-day event, to be held August 8-10 in Columbus, OH, will focus on gut health throughout the production cycle.

Spearheading the program curriculum at Ohio State is Dr. John Foltz, chair of the Department of Animal Sciences.

"It is great to work with Adisseo to provide an educational experience for graduate students interested in poultry and monogastric health and nutrition. Students participating in the seminar will meet key people involved in the industry, and prominent university faculty members, all of whom may be their future peers.” Said Foltz.

“We appreciate the chance to partner with Adisseo and look forward to future endeavors.”

Specific topics to be covered during the weekend event include:

  • "Common Meat-type Poultry Diseases”
  • “Sub clinical necrotic enteritis in broilers, conclusions from past research and path forward”
  •  “How did that happen and what do you do now?”
  • “Gut health and animal welfare: managing internal and external environments”
  • The seminar will also include a necropsy session for a hands-on experience of viewing the signs and lesions of common gastrointestinal diseases in the field.

“A collaborative program like PLT is so important to both the industry and to students. By building the bridge between professionals and students, we are helping to plant seeds in the Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow that will grow and flourish and hopefully sow their own seeds back into the industry.” Said Stevie Watson, Marketing and Communications for Adisseo North and Central America. “Giving students the first-hand opportunity to make connections and learn about what soon awaits them after graduation is a hearty head start into successful careers.”

Watson confirmed that this event will be Adisseo’s fifth iteration of Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow program, with UGA’s 2017 event serving as the pilot program, then repeating a similar model at the University of Arkansas, TX A&M, Mexico’s UNAM, and now Ohio State. The first 2 events focused on the challenge to the industry of “woody breast.” Now the programs venture into gut health.

Speaker Highlight! We are thrilled to have this group of individuals together to lead the Poultry Leaders of Tomorrow seminar that begins Thursday night!

  • Dr. John Foltz: Foltz currently serves as Chair for the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University.
  • Dr. Daniel Bautista: Bautista currently serves as the Director of the University of Delaware- Lasher Laboratory.
  • Dr. Gino Lorenzoni: Lorenzoni currently serves as Assistant Professor of Poultry Science and Animal Health at Penn State University.
  • Dr. Chris Rude: Rude serves as a nutritionist at Devenish Nutrition.
  • Dr. Shawna Weimer: Weimer serves as Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland specializing in Poultry Extension.
  • Dr. Kate Miska: Miska currently serves as a molecular biologist at the USDA.
  • Dr. Denise Russi Rodriques: Rodrigues serves as a postdoctoral researcher at Ohio State University.
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