Hilyses® supplemented diet positively impacts in poultry production

Date of publication : 7/19/2018
Source : ICC Brazil

The period for growing/raising broilers is short. Therefore, handling, nutrition, and hygiene errors can cause economic losses, since there is no time to recover the performance after the damages arising from possible failures.

The early investment in the growth cycle of these animals is essential to enable them to reach their full genetic potential.

 The use of functional nutrients/additives is growing, due to the need for replacing growth-promoting antibiotics and creating new alternatives so that they are more studied, feasible and popularized. Supplementing animals’ diet with nucleotides is vital for several metabolic processes and tissues at certain stages of growth.

 Hilyses®, an ICC Brazil product (Brazilian company who is specialized in yeast-based additives), is a source of free nucleotides that are rapidly absorbed by the organism. Also, it helps to strengthen the immune system and to provide an efficient growth. 

 A recent experiment on how low dosages of Hilyses® affect the performance of broiler chickens up to 42 days of age, conducted by Dr. Melina Bonato, ICC Brazil’s R&D Coordinator, reported an improvement in birds’ feed conversion ranging from 28 and 42 days of age when compared to the negative control; in addition, it was numerically superior to the other treatments.

 “The results indicate the benefits of Hilyses® as a source of nucleotides in pre-initial and initial diets. Also, the results reinforce the nucleotides importance in the period of quick growth and animal development. The benefits are observed throughout the growth, reflecting on the weight gain and chicken’s feed conversion”, says Melina.


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