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Creamino® obtains US approval for all poultry species

Date of publication : 9/9/2021
Company : AlzChem
Source : AlzChem

Creamino® obtains US approval for all poultry species - Image 1

Creamino®, AlzChem’s source of creatine for animal nutrition, is now authorised in the US for use as feed additive for all types of poultry. The extension of the current feed additive status of guanidinoacetic acid – successfully progressed by AlzChem – became effective with publication in the Code of Federal Regulation in July 2021.

Creamino® was originally approved for use in growing broilers and turkeys in 2016. With this approval extension, AlzChem now has the right to sell Creamino® for all breeders as well as commercial layers. Although the market for breeders is smaller compared to growing broilers and turkeys, it is a market historically short supplied by feed ingredient manufacturers. Creamino® offers proven benefits in hatchability, progeny performance and egg production.

About Creamino®

Creamino® is a patent protected preparation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA). GAA is the direct endogenous precursor of creatine in the organism of all vertebrates. The body produces GAA from the amino acids glycine and arginine and then converts GAA to creatine with the help of methionine. However, this endogenous synthethis is not sufficient to meet daily needs. Until now, there is no Creatine in feed. Creatine is an essential biomolecule for proper function of energy transfer and supply. Thereby Creatine supports various functions in the body, such as healthy growth, immune system or reproduction. In contrast to other nutrients creatine directly reloads ATP for energy supply, making sure that sufficient energy is at any time and any place available in the body.

With Creamino®, we supply a unique source of creatine supporting many important body functions, delivering energy for healthy growth.

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