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Cellular Nutrition is the 3rd Evolution of Animal Nutrition

Date of publication : 5/3/2022
Company : AlzChem
Source : Alzchem

Cellular Nutrition is the 3rd Evolution of Animal Nutrition - Image 1

One of the biggest challenges of the current feed industry is to keep the balance between low feed costs and maintaining product quality. One solution to this can be innovative feed additives that can save the body's own energy.

The health and performance of farm animals was initially supported by the feed industry in two steps:

1 Step: ... Determination of nutritional requirements and, based on this, adjustment of the feed composition (e.g. minerals, essential amino acids, ...).
2 Step: ... Improvement of nutrient uptake (e.g. enzymes, feed acids) Further optimisation is possible if the cellular demand for nutrients and energy is also considered.
3 Step: ... Ensuring cellular metabolic efficiency

An important component of cellular metabolism is the optimal availability of ATP. Creatine plays a central role in this. Creamino® increases the creatine supply to the cells and thus enables additional improvements in growth and health.

The consideration of cellular nutrient and energy requirements is the third stage of animal nutrition.

Creamino® makes an important contribution to making energy available at the cellular level where it is needed. Thus, Creamino® not only helps to increase the commercial profitability of your production but also helps to ensure healthy growth in a sustainable way.

The Creamino® concept can therefore be used both to reduce costs and to increase performance.

In either case, however, it helps to increase efficiency.

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