Broilers performance using XTRACT 6930

Date of publication : 11/29/2018
Company : Pancosma SA
Source : Pancosma

XTRACT®, when broilers performance comes naturally with a plant compounds product. Since the ban of antibiotics growth promoters in 2006 in Europe, the Swiss additives manufacturer Pancosma has constantly invested into safe and natural alternatives to support animal efficiency and gut health.

In 2009, XTRACT® 6930, a unique micro-encapsulated product based on a 3 way-combination of carvacrol, cinamaldehyde and capsicum oleoresin was launched. Today, it is Pancosma’s flagship product for poultry and the first choice additive for worldwide broilers integrators. In 2015, this additive was rewarded by the the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), becoming the first product based on plant compounds and being granted as a zootechnical additive (4.d.11) by European commission.

XTRACT® 6930 continues to prove its efficiency daily and worldwide, in order to support broilers performances, carcass and meat quality. In a recent trial made in South East United States, broilers receiving a diet supplemented with XTRACT® performed as good as broilers supplemented with bacitracin or virginiamycin, 2 antibiotic growth promoters widely used in industry (trial results were published at PSA 2018). XTRACT® birds showed better body weight at 14 and 42 days of age than other treatments. XTRACT® was as efficient as bacitracin and virginiamycin in improving FCR. In addition, it increased carcass and breast yield. Once again, this product continues to prove its positive effects on poultry profitability.

OUTLOOK: pursuing the development of gut health solution, Pancosma recently launched a new additive: XTRACT® SHIELD. This bioactive product is a natural alternative to prevent sub clinical Necrotic Enteritis, strengthening gut barrier and improves intestinal functions.

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