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News published on April 29, 2008:

Stable Pecking Order Can Decrease Aggression in Broiler Breeders

A recent study at the University of Alberta was designed to help understand what factors contribute to the ‘romantic’ and not just aggressive aspects of procreation in male broiler breeder chickens. The study t...
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Alberta Agricultural & Rural Development Agri News
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News published on February 6, 2008:

Cannibalism in Birds: Prevention and Treatment

Cannibalism in fowl is a costly and vicious habit that poultry producers can not afford to ignore. It may occur at any age among all breeds, strains and sexes of fowl. Cannibalism usually occurs when the birds ...
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Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension
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News published on December 7, 2007:

Poultry management: Want to reduce feather pecking?

Financial losses caused by feather pecking are difficult to evaluate, but figures show that 55% of producers with non-caged birds report signs of feather pecking by the end of lay, says Professor Christine Nico...
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Farmers Guardian
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