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News published on January 21, 2009:

Alternatives for killing 1-day-old chicks

For the production of eggs and meat, highly specialised breeds of chicken are used. Because the male chicks of laying breeds neither lay eggs nor are they profitable as a source of meat, they are killed as day-...
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Wageningen Univ. Animal Sciences Group newsletter
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News published on May 28, 2008:

Poultry Genetics: Sexing of day-old chicks

Sexing day-old chicks can be accomplished by one of two methods: 1) vent sexing or 2) feather sexing. Each method has difficulties that make it unsuitable for use by the small flock owner. Vent sexing relys on ...
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Mississippi State University Extension Service
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News published on February 1, 2008:

Chicks: Importance on the First Seven Days to Promote Weight Gain

Steve Leeson, Ph.D., from the University of Guelph, recently revealed new findings on the importance of chick nutritional strategies. Leeson was sponsored by Alltech, a global leader in animal health, to presen...
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Alltech Inc.
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News published on November 28, 2007:

Chick sexing: Laying hens could produce only female chicks

The Animal Sciences Group believes it may be possible for laying hens to produce mostly – or even exclusively – female embryos. This can help reduce the number of day-old roosters that are killed every year in ...
Source :
Wageningen University - Animal Sciences Group
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