2019 UGA International Poultry Short Course

Date of publication : 11/28/2018
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The UGA International Poultry Short Course (February 5-8, 2019) provides poultry professionals with a comprehensive educational experience containing up to date information related to poultry production and processing. Topics in the 2019 course will focus on poultry health, incubation, processing, in addition to management of broiler, broiler breeders and layers. The University of Georgia Poultry Science faculty are internationally recognized, have decades of “real world” experience and are considered to be among the best in the world in their respective areas of expertise. The UGA International Poultry Short Course is formatted to be interactive and hands on. The 3 ½–day short course is loaded with practical information meant to be directly applied to making a difference to the bottom line of your operation.


Tuesday – February 5, 2019

Broiler Genetics, Nutrition & Health Session:

• How far our chickens have come since the 1950’s

• Nutrition for the modern broiler

• Identifying common poultry health issues in a timely manner


Broiler Breeder/Hatchery Session:

• Feeding the modern broiler breeder

• Basics of breeder nutrition

• Importance of lighting breeders

• Nesting and mating behavior

• Lab sessions: Broiler and layer necropsy; Egg candling and residue analysis

• Handling and sanitation of hatching eggs


Wednesday – February 6, 2019

Layer Session:

• Layer housing systems

• Basic layer management

• Layer house environmental management

• Egg quality

• Egg safety


Broiler Session I:

• Broiler feeder and drinker systems

• Optimizing air and litter quality during cold weather

• Keeping broilers cool during hot weather

• Current trends in broiler house lighting systems and programs

• Managing environmental concerns in broiler production


Thursday – February 7, 2019

Broiler Session II:

• Designing a modern broiler house

• Animal welfare programs

• Disposal options for bird mortalities and composting overview


Processing and Products I:

• How to slaughter 9 billion broilers a year – the U.S. poultry processing industry

• Video tour of a modern poultry processing plant

• Poultry processing by-product recovery and rendering

• Laboratory session

  - Slaughter - Cut-up and Debone

  - Evisceration - Further Processing


Friday – February 8, 2019

Processing and Products II:

• Further processing

• Food Safety: Salmonella and Campylobacter detection, regulation and control

• Laboratory exercise: Food Safety

  - Whole carcass rinse techniques

  - Rapid methods for pathogen detection

  - Sensory evaluation of further processed poultry products



The course registration fee of $950 covers course notebook and other materials; continental breakfasts, lunches, refreshments and dinners. Direct questions regarding the UGA International Poultry Short Course to: Jeniece Vinson - jgvinson@uga.edu (706) 542-1371 To register go to: https://bit.ly/2N82udc


Accommodations and Ground Transportation

Hotel Reservations

A block of rooms has been reserved for the short course at the Holiday Inn and is located at 197 E. Broad Street, Athens, GA. To make reservations, guests may call 1-800-465-4329/706-549- 4433 or reserve online at: https://bit.ly/2vXMUdv. You must enter this block code using block code “UPS.’’ in order to receive the discount. The discounted price for standard double and queen is $109 a night, Hi Deluxe and King is $109 a night. Please make your own reservations prior to January 5, 2019. Directions to the Holiday Inn can be found at: http://bit.ly/2y86ItX.


Ground Transportation

Transportation will only be provided to/from the Holiday Inn (Athens, GA) to the Poultry Research Center and dinners. Scheduled ground shuttle service and rental car services are available between Atlanta HartsfieldJackson International Airport and Athens.

• Groome Transportation: (800) 896-9928 or (706) 410-2363 www.groometransportation.com/athens.htm Eighteen daily round trips between the Atlanta airport and Athens. If you are attending IPPE in Atlanta prior to the International Poultry Short Course, Groome Transportation only picks up at the Atlanta airport so you will need to plan to catch the shuttle from there.



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