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Why talk about appetite and voluntary feed intake in sows?

Topic: Pig Nutrition
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April 9, 2021
r.Dr Bruno Silva, I congratulate you on your study, which in summary aimed to highlight and discuss factors from genetics to thermal environment, which interfere with the consumption pattern of the females, mainly in lactation. Considering that pigs require grams of nutrients per day and not a percentage, establishing the sow consumption pattern is of fundamental importance for defining the feed. Another detail that deserves to be highlighted in his work was that related to the consumption kinetics of lactating sows, which is a reference to establish when to provide the feed to optimize consumption, especially under stress conditions due to callu
April 15, 2021

Dear Prof. Donzele,

Your comments and observations are very much appreciated. I utterly agree with you that understanding properly the ideal feeding pattern of sows under heat stress or thermoneutral conditions is essential to establish an ideal feeding program from a formulation and a feeding management perspective. Our findings, which will be more discussed in the coming videos, indicate that probably a great part of the production systems worldwide have feed intake challenges or do not know or feed their sows properly. In my opinion, there is still much to explore on this topic.
Kind regards! Prof. Bruno Silva.

April 16, 2021
Prof. Bruno Silva, I fully agree with his considerations, and I congratulate you on the relevance of your line of research. Success

Best Regards
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