African Swine Fever crisis. How plasma can help solving it

Topic: Swine Fever
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Xavier Córdoba Lucio Xavier Córdoba Lucio
Director Animal Nutrition Division
May 12, 2020

What is the mode of action of Plasma? Inmunoglobulins? Specific Ig?

or cell growth promoters? Which?

Which Plasma is better in pigs, swine? cattle? or Poultry Origin?... Why?

How do you assure the virus/microbial inactivation in Plasma?

APC Inc. APC Inc.
Ankeny, Iowa, United States
May 16, 2020

Hi Xavier,

Thanks for sending those questions. I am happy to share some of our thoughts with you.

First, plasma has been widely used in pigs’ diets as a health management tool for decades, especially when pigs are under challenge conditions. Publications demonstrate that plasma improve performance and reduce mortality under different situations, involving pathogens, either bacteria or viruses. For example, in farms with high prevalence of PRRSV, PCV2 and Mycoplasma, plasma can significantly improve health and reduce mortality.

ASFV is a very unique virus that only target macrophages and monocytes of pigs. Those cells do not direct express in the epithelium layer unless there are gut inflammations or leaks. We know from previous studies that feeding plasma improve health through improving intestinal barrier function, reducing permeability and inflammation. Therefore, plasma reduce number of ASFV target cells and reduce chances of infection through gastric intestinal route.

The plasma we are producing are from pigs free from ASF. Therefore, there is no Ig for ASF. Furthermore, Infected pigs does not present neutralizing antibody to ASF. In an other word, Ig does not work work ASFV.

The mechanisms of protection of experimental vaccines or survival mechanism of less virulent strain can be achieved by activating cytotoxic CD8 T-cell cellular response. Data suggest that plasma improve the activation of CD8 lymphocytes and TH1 cytokines like IFN-? and IL-1 under virus challenge. Therefore, if plasma increases the percentage of CD8+ T cells and Th1 cytokine release, it is possible to consider that the inclusion of plasma in pig feed may improve protection against ASFV infection.

Also, there has been long know fact that plasma contains non antibody factors inhibit virus.

Regarding to which plasma is better, our internal trial meta-analysis indicates bovine performances similarly with porcine plasma. Published literature would suggest poultry plasma works less effectively than both bovine and porcine.

As for safety, we are collecting blood from healthy animals that has past vet inspection and are suitable for human consumption. Therefore, the source of plasma is clean. Furthermore, we follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to assure viral safety of human blood plasma products for transfusion. We implemented redundant processing procedures to ensure the safety of plasma. Just give you an example, spray-drying (SD) methods used in the manufacturing of plasma involved the treatment of 80ºC throughout its substance and has been validated to be effective for inactivation of important pathogens. There are other patented processing technologies to ensure the safety of product. We have fed almost 10 billion pigs in the last few decades, the safety record of our products with 10 billion pigs gives us extreme confidence on the safety of our product. Thanks

Yanbin Shen

June 4, 2020
Yanbin Shen PhD. hi just curious if there are now commercially available plasma supplies. we might be able to sell your product in the Philippines.
my email
APC Inc. APC Inc.
Ankeny, Iowa, United States
June 5, 2020
FERNANDO GARCES EDULLANTES JR Hi, Thanks for your interest. I already have a distributor in Philippines. Best Regards

June 6, 2020
Are you sure for PED? We found many sample test positive for this disease.
June 19, 2020

How can I get this? Thank you.

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