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Sangrovit®, standardized natural plant extract - Dr Tobias Steiner

Topic: Pig Nutrition
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Date: Monday, December 12, 2016

Dr Tobias Steiner, Head of Product Management Sangrovit® for Phytobiotics, talks to us about the company and their key product, Sangrovit®, during Eurotier 2016, in Hannover, Germany.

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The purely phytogenic yield increaser for a stimulated appetite in all species.

Sangrovit® is the patented and scientifically proven product solution, with which you can efficiently and economically contribute to the wellbeing of your animals. The original Sangrovit® is as unique as it is scientifically sound.


Apart from an increased feed intake and an improved feed conversion, Sangrovit® can support and stabilize digestion. A healthy intestine promotes a needs-oriented and balanced feeding, contributes to the efficiency of medicinal treatments, and supports vaccination success.

Scientific background:

Sangrovit® stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion with its highly effective active ingredient.  The main active components in Sangrovit® are isoquinoline alkaloids (IQs); very bitter substances. They improve the saliva secretion and stimulate the activity of the gastro-intestinal organs, like the pancreas and liver. Furthermore, additional effects can be observed, which suggest an improvement of the hormonal and chemostatic rule mechanisms.


Sangrovit® is available in different variations, adapted to the needs and goals of our customers:

-Powdery, granulated formulation for the application in mixed feed, premix or concentrate for a steady  supply of active agents

-Powdery, granulated, water soluble formulation for the application in the drinking water or milk replacer  for a flexible supply in phases of increased stress. ec

Please contact us so that we can recommend the appropriate variation for you.

Product assortment and service may vary by country.