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Benefits of using Liptosafe® in swine production

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Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017

David Revilla, DVM and Export Area Manager at Liptosa, shared the benefits of Liptosafe® in swine production. It is specially recommended in liver failures, intoxications, and as a support for high-performance animals.


LIPTOSA, a Spanish company specialized in production of phytobiotics and nutraceuticals, launches to the market LIPTOSAFE®, detoxifier, nutraceutical and performance improver for pigs and poultry.

The combination of the ingredients ensures a broad spectrum activity, providing multiple benefits on the liver, kidney, intestine and immune system, resulting in a better performance and a fast recovery of delayed animals.

LIPTOSAFE® is a natural liver modulator containing nutraceuticals and plants extracts, both contribute to detoxification of the organism, increasing the production of bile, helping in the regeneration of the hepatocyte membranes and activating fat mobilization.


  • Nutraceutical recovering product
  • Powerful detoxifier
  • Multisystem activity
  • No veterinary prescription
  • No withdrawal period


  • Improved Average Daily Weight Gain
  • Decreased mortality
  • Improved Feed Conversion Rate


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