Weight monitoring improve pig farmers´ bottom line

Date of publication : 11/6/2014
Source : Vilofoss

Pig farmers can increase productivity and improve their bottom line using IT software, together with systematic pig weighing. The project has been realised in collaboration between Danish DLG Group, Vitfoss/Vilofoss, TNM-consult and a veterinarian. After the project’s first year, they conclude that the expectations have been met.

Slaughter pig productivity has not improved in many years and there is a vast untapped potential for reducing feed consumption and increasing growth. The Danish DLG Group (Vilofoss) would like to challenge this situation and is thus behind the development of a new IT application (GainMax) and a concept to enable the pig farmer to very accurately monitor pigs’ weight gain and feed conversion on a weekly basis.

This marks a brand-new approach to pig farming because it provides a precise, systematic view of the consequences of changing feed composition, etc. Thus, the systematic weight monitoring of pigs in Denmark was initiated by a veterinarian, and the interesting results have inspired the collaboration with DLG on developing the IT application.

The development of GainMax for slaughter pig producers is completely in sync with DLG’s Strategy 2016 for feed (Vilofoss), as the Group wants to help to develop IT applications that improve customers’ focus, decision-making basis and bottom line. And this is what pig farmers that have started using GainMax actually experience.

Danish DLG’s (Vilofoss’) weight monitoring concept addresses all slaughter pig producers that are customers of the Danish DLG Group (Vilofoss). The concept is free of charge and includes, in addition to online access to GainMax, a start-up visit by a consultant, access to an attractive weighing scale purchasing scheme and newsletters centred on experiences of weight monitoring, performance and benchmark.

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