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Optimizing profitability of piglets with TakTik® X-IN

Date of publication : 2/26/2014
Company : Pancosma SA
Source : Pancosma

Around weaning, piglets are known to have a limited intake and an immature digestive tract. Previous trials demonstrated the beneficial effect of supplementing TakTik® X-IN either during suckling or 2 weeks post weaning on intake, growth and health of piglets.

Among Pancosma portfolio, TakTik® range combines multiple know-how from Pancosma, for specific and targeted applications. Indeed, TakTik® X-IN targets specific challenges faced by piglets. It contains two distinct and superposed parts. The inner core is made of SUCRAM®, known to increase glucose absorption improving gut structure and architecture thanks to its Gut Sensing Effect. The outer shell of TakTik® X-IN consists in a phytonutrient of XTRACT® range, anethole that demonstrated a potent Gut Immunity Effect in vitro and in vivo, therefore minimizing local inflammation and optimizing gut health.

A recent trial conducted in North Americahighlighted the effect of TakTik® X-IN in piglets. During this trial, TakTik® X-IN secured intake and growth during the starter phase but increased as well weight gain and feed efficiency. It was concluded that TakTik® X-IN could be therefore beneficially fed to piglets from weaning for at least 6 weeks.

Another recent trial, conducted in a different context in the Netherlands, showed that TakTik® X-IN could secure intake and growth but also improve group homogeneity. Indeed, “tails” of weak piglets are reduced while overall performance was increased. Besides, TakTik® X-IN has a positive effect on piglet’s health.

TakTik® X-IN is now adopted by Swine professionals and experts, facing critical challenges such as feed intake and gut efficiency and looking for optimized growth and profitability. Recent trials and Research, as well as feedbacks from clients confirmed the efficacy and the interest of TakTik® X-IN for young piglets.


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