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Webinar: Marketing of Protein Foods in a Post-COVID World

Date of publication : 8/13/2020
Company : Novus International
Source : Novus International

COVID-19 has accelerated some consumer and food industry trends and slowed others. Are you ready to market your products in a post-COVID environment? Register for our upcoming webinar (18th August 2020, 14.00-15.30 GMT+7) where Professor David Hughes will discuss consumer perspective, the shift in protein consumption, and provide a look into how the industry could evolve after the pandemic. Register Here

A Healthy Gut is a Healthy Animal

Gut health remains one of the most crucial concerns in the animal production industry. Intestinal challenges are a common cause of production losses especially in young animals. Damage to the intestinal barrier caused by pathogens reduces health and absorption of nutrients. It is well known that antibiotics inhibit growth of certain pathogenic microorganisms and can be used to boost animal's performance. However, the demand for antibiotic-free chicken and pork creates a need for holistic approaches to sustain intestinal health and maintain animal performance.

In spite of reduction in antibiotic use, there are strategies that can be used to lower the intestinal challenges and maintain or even improve growth performance. This Novus webinar series have featured four experts in the area of gut health and antibiotic reduction. For more information, visit here

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