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The partnership between ICC Brazil and USP proves products effectiveness for animal health and nutrition

Date of publication : 10/14/2020
Company : ICC Brazil
Source : ICC Brazil

Investments in research and development aim the creation and innovation of products developed to meet market demand

The development of products for animal health and nutrition consists of several steps. One of the most important is the testing phase, when each product's effectiveness is proven, considering animals' health and welfare and food safety.ICC Brazil, a pioneer in the production of innovative solutions for yeast-based animal nutrition, invests approximately R$ 1 million per year in research and development of new solutions and maintains partnerships with universities in Brazil and abroad.

The University of São Paulo (USP) is one of them. At the Pirassununga/SP Campus, ICC Brazil has invested in an experimental poultry facility, where the studies are coordinated by Prof. Dr. Lucio Francelino Araújo, who has extensive experience in poultry and pig production. Approximately 20 professionals are involved in the research: members of ICC Brazil's R&D and Commercial teams; doctoral, master, and undergraduate students from USP and university collaborators, who help manage the experiments, laboratory technicians, and professors.

When it comes to animal nutrition, research goes from the influence of molecules on the structure and physiology of cells in the gastrointestinal tract to the financial return that the farmer will have with production. Thus, the research carried out provides a basis for improving the products, dosage, the form of use, and benefits.

"We seek the maximum efficiency of the product or process, added to the potential the animal can provide, so that the farmer obtains the expected profitability. In recent years, we have realized a need beyond the knowledge of performance results. Therefore, we seek to better understand the mechanism of action of product compounds in order to promote health and gains observed in our indications. Nutrition is linked to health, i.e., ingredients and mainly quality additives that make up a diet are capable of maximizing production rates", says Liliana Borges, R&D Analyst at ICC Brazil.

The research process starts even before the animals arrive. The project is designed, and the feed is formulated according to the nutritional needs in each growth/production phase. The barn is organized, and the experimental feed is prepared on the campus itself. Once the test starts, the standard daily management is carried out. According to each study's objective, including the challenges applied, activities are performed on specific days so that there is less influence of other factors on the results. We managed to make the animals absorb nutrients efficiently while improving the immune status and disease prevention. The result is evidenced through responses in health, performance, and productivity gains.

Research related to solutions that improve animal health and nutrition is already a tradition at ICC Brazil, which since 1992, has carried out more than 200 studies with products that ensure quality and profitability for its customers.

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