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News published on August 20, 2004:

UK - Major field study on M. hyo vaccines results revealed

The results of one of the largest abattoir surveys ever conducted, which examined more than 80,000 lungs from more than 800 farms, were presented at the recent International Pig Veterinary Society Congress in H...
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Boehringer Ingelheim
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News published on July 23, 2004:

New Guinea - Swine Fever in Papua

Authorities this week announced that an outbreak of swine fever in Papua province has since April killed at least 8,700 pigs, mostly in the southern coastal region of Mimika. Livestock health authorities ha...
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Laksamana Net
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News published on June 30, 2004:

Canada - New Guide Helps Maximize Benefits of Vaccines

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization in Saskatoon has released a new guide designed to help swine producers maximize the benefits of vaccines. Vaccination Guidelines for Swine was developed by th...
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Manitoba Pork Council
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