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News published on January 3, 2018:

Swine flu virus hits Rajasthan hardest in December

Swine flu cases in Rajasthan smashed all past records in the month of December, with no less than 310 persons testing positive in the state. In the last four days alone, 113 new cases of swine flu were reporte...
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News published on November 9, 2017:

African swine fever: sharing best practices is critical to stop spread

Sharing best practices in fighting African swine fever is critical to halt the spread of the disease, say EFSA experts. These include early detection methods and rigorous emergency measures. EFSA experts assis...
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News published on August 26, 2016:

Zimbabwe Government Bans Pig Relocations

Government has gazetted six communal areas in Mount Darwin district of Mashonaland Central province in which movement of pigs has been banned as it battles to control an outbreak of African swine fever. The dea...
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News published on July 19, 2016:

Swine fever affected 600 pigs in South Africa

The Department of Agriculture of South Africa says it suspects that the current African swine fever outbreak could have come from neighbouring countries. Outbreaks have been reported in the Free State and Nort...
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News published on October 10, 2007:

African swine fever: The next threat?

African swine fever could become endemic in Eastern Europe and spread rapidly to the west unless more vigorous controls are put in place, according to the UN chief veterinary officer Joseph Domenech.African swi...
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Farmers Guardian
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News published on November 29, 2006:

Int’l - Deadly diseases sweeping through China's hog farms

"Pig Fever" is sweeping through the expanding Chinese swine industry, according to swine veterinarians who have traveled there this fall. University of Nottingham, England, swine veterinarians Steven McOrist an...
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Agriculture Online
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News published on October 25, 2006:

Int’l - New swine fever outbreak in Croatia

Croatia was hit with a new outbreak of classical swine fever, the worst so far in the Balkans country, as some 3,600 pigs will be slaughtered to prevent the spread of the disease, the agriculture ministry has s...
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Today Online
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News published on October 5, 2006:

EU - Classical Swine Fever: post-enlargement measures for Bulgaria and Romania agreed

A Commission proposal to approve Romania's eradication plan and emergency vaccination programme for classical swine fever was endorsed by the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health yesterday. ...
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Standing Comm. on the Food Chain and Animal Health
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News published on March 29, 2006:

EU - Classical swine fever: Movement restrictions on pigs in North-Rhine Westphalia

The European Commission has today decided to suspend the movement of all pigs within and from the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia, due to a new case of classical swine fever in a pig farm in this...
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European Commission
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News published on October 20, 2005:

Philippines - Classical Swine Fever: Old Disease, New Challenges: Merial

MERIAL launches new White Book on Classical Swine fever at recent Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress, Manila, Philippines. During the 2nd Congress of the Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress (19 & 20 Sep...
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Merial Animal Health Asia
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