SeoFoss performs well again

Date of publication : 1/15/2018
Source : Vitfoss

SeoFoss shows impressive results in homogeneity, smell and ammonia binding

There are many good reasons to use SeoFoss. Up to 1.4 kg more total N is obtained in the slurry when using SeoFoss all year round in the stable. SeoFoss also makes the slurry more homogeneous resulting in a better flow in the slurry channels. The smell is reduced significantly, because the ammonia is bound in the slurry. Moreover, the slurry is easier to handle leading to labour savings.

SeoFoss ”best in trial” for the second year in a row
This year SeoFoss has participated a second time in SEGES’ national trials with slurry and once more showing the best results of the three products participating in the trial. SeoFoss wins on both parameters – yield increase and nitrogen yield.

Using SeoFoss you obtain:

  • Improved yield of 310 kg per hectare
  • Improved nitrogen yield in seed of 8 kg N per hectare (significant)

Eases everyday routines and ensures financial growth
The ingredients in SeoFoss have the finest particle sizes in the market, which provides an excellent effect by enlarging the particles’ surface area and enhancing ion exchange. SeoFoss works by exchanging negatively and positively charged ions. This binds the ammonia in the slurry. In doing so, the product serves as a buffer in the slurry and minimises fertilizer leaching.

Economy by using SeoFoss
Extra income

  • Increased profit of 3.1 quintal per hectare
  • => 310 kg x Euro 0.146 = Euro 45.26 per hectare

Extra expense

  • 30 m3 slurry per hectare
  • => 30 m3 x 0.02 kg SeoFoss = 0.6 kg SeoFoss per hectare
  • => 0.6 kg SeoFoss of Euro 7.95 per kg = Euro 4.77 per hectare

Total gain

  • Euro 40.49 per hectare
  • ROI 9.5

Apart from that SeoFoss provides other benefits:

  • Easy and secure handling of slurry
  • Better homogeneity
  • Binding ammonia
  • Reducing smell
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