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Nutrition of Hyperprolific Sows

Date of publication : 2/28/2020
Company : Novus International
Source : Novus International

The book, Nutrition of Hyperprolific Sows is a comprehensive compilation of data and information on the ever-changing nutritional requirements of the modern hyperprolific sow. The collaborators, led by Dr. Antonio Palomo Yagüe, set out to build a compendium of knowledge that could be used as a central reference on the current challenges faced with these sows. This book can serve as a reference for nutritionists, researchers, veterinarians, producers, professors, geneticists and allied swine industry personnel.

The book is a result of an international effort involving several industry professionals representing all facets of nutrition, health, production and research. The team has assembled feeding recommendations and trends in feeding, established new nutritional requirements for these hyperprolific sows and defined the link between nutrition, endocrine status and reproduction in pigs.


1/ Use of hyperprolific sows and implications – Antonio Palomo Yagüe

2/ Welfare of hyperprolific sows and their piglets – Xavier Manteca Vilanova & Josep Gasa Gasó

3/ Objective measures of lameness and the role of trace minerals and nutrition in skeletal development of gilts and sows – Karen Wedekind

4/ Overcoming oxidative stress – Krzysztof Lipinski

5/ Evolution of the feeding approach in sows during the last decades – Jean-Yves Dourmad

6/ Trace mineral nutrition in gilts and sows for optimum performance – Ping Ren

7/ Dietary fiber for welfare and productivity of sows – Pedro E. Urriola, Lee J. Johnston and Gerald C. Shurson

8/ Role of supplemental methionine sources in hyperprolific sows: protein synthesis and beyond – Roberto Barea Gaitán

9/ Mammary uptake of metabolites and requirements of energy and amino acids of hyperprolific sows during lactation – Laura Greiner

10/ Genetic influences on intra-uterine growth retardation of piglets and management interventions for low birth weight piglets – Sandra Edwards, Stephanie Matheson and Emma Baxter

11/ Modulation of gene expression in progeny with maternal nutrition of trace minerals – Juxing Chen

12/ Management protocols in lactation piglets from hyperprolific sows – Luis Sanjoaquin Romero


To download a full copy of the book, fill out the form and you will receive an e-mail with the PDF.

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