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Methiopedia edition 2: Adisseo launches the technical reference book of Methionine

Date of publication : 8/7/2019
Company : Adisseo
Source : Adisseo

The methionine world has evolved in the last years. That is why Adisseo has updated and enriched Methiopedia, the technical reference book of Methionine. Five years after the first book, a version has been released at the end of 2018 and includes exhaustive and up-to-date product, nutritional and technological information.

With Methiopedia, Adisseo wishes to offer to the end-users all the relevant information concerning methionine, an essential amino acid in animal nutrition. This reference book is intended for nutritionists, purchasers, formulators, quality and production managers within the premix and feed industries and anyone who is, or is going to be, in close contact with this industry: students, professors, consultants.

Even though methionine is naturally found in proteins, its content is low. Therefore, it has become necessary to produce methionine in concentrated forms to support livestock production worldwide. The industrial production of methionine started in the 1950s, and Adisseo is one of the main producers of methionine sources, proposing the two major methionine forms on the market.

Methiopedia offers a full description of the three basic forms of industrial methionine available on the market: L-methionine, D,L-methionine and OH-methionine, resulting in commercial products, each with its different physical characteristics and properties. This book does not cover in details the specific methionine products formulated for ruminants, as those rumen by-pass products are derived from the three basic forms using specific coating or chemical processes. Metabolism and utilization applied to each form are described, including relative comparison between products, from the most recent scientific research – beyond the single amino acid value – to practical recommendations for use in feed formulation and under field conditions. It also covers their physical use in premix and feed plants, detailing the key parameters involved in the accuracy of dosage and mixing, including analytical procedures, to ensure that the required level of methionine is reached.

Compared to the first edition launched five years ago, new topics are tackled in this new Methiopedia. On nutrition, new efficacy data on various species are shared: in vivo methionine sources comparison trials, but also experiments and calculations on sources conversion or metabolism. Out of nutrition, technology is also widely developed with performance results of methionine products distribution in feed, information of equipment, etc.

More information on Methiopedia and how to get it

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