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ICC Brazil to participate in the SIAVS 2019

Date of publication : 8/23/2019
Company : ICC Brazil
Source : ICC Brazil

The International Poultry and Pork Show (SIAVS) will be held on August 27-29, in São Paulo

ICC Brazil, a trailblazer in the creation of innovative solutions based on yeast additives for animal nutrition, will participate in the International Poultry and Pork Show (SIAVS), to be held in August 27-29, at Anhembi Parque, in São Paulo. This is the largest event of the poultry and pork farming industries in Brazil, and ICC Brazil will be attending for the first time.

At ICC Brazil’s booth, the company will introduce ImmunoWall®, a product enriched with a high concentration of ß-glucans and MOS, acting on immunomodulation, as well as reducing contamination by pathogens, resulting in better utilization of nutrients and immune system responses, thus increasing animals performance. Studies carried out showed that supplementing animal diet with ImmunoWall® reduces Salmonella enteritidis contamination in hens, and consequently in their eggs, by 90%.

In addition to ImmunoWall®, ICC Brazil will also introduce Hilyses®, which is a source of free nucleotides that are rapidly absorbed by the body, helping to strengthen the immune system and promote more efficient growth, and Liposorb®, an emulsifier made of 3 active ingredients, which helps animals use the ethereal extract (fats) of the diet more efficiently, and improves the production flow of pelleted feeds due to its lubricating properties, optimizing the factory efficiency, producing more uniform and better quality pellets.

ICC Brazil will be represented by Melina Bonato (R&D Manager), Liliana Borges (R&D Analyst), Karoline Honorio (Marketing Analyst), Aline Almeida (Marketing Coordinator), Ricardo Barbalho (National Sales Manager), Alexandre Silva (Commercial Supervisor) and William Brodbeck (Sales Manager of North, Northeast, Midwest, Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo Regions).

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