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September 18, 2019 to September 20, 2019
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Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co exhibits at IPPE and VIV Asia

Date of publication : 1/7/2019
Company : Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd
Source : Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd

Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd was registered in December,2017. Through one year's transition, the chemical business, including veterinary APIs and specialty feed additives, has been shifted from Huzhou International Trade Co Ltd to DE Mark Industrial totally since 2019. DE Mark Industrial will continue to provide quality products and solutions to overseas clients with a new image, more professional services and sincere attitude.

In 2019, we are participating in the exhibitions IPPE on February 12-14 (Atlanta, USA, Booth No. A3049) and VIV ASIA on March 17-19. (Bangkok, Thailand, Booth No. H100.3282).Both exhibitions are recognized as the top quality professional events in the livestock industry. We demonstrate our determination and confidence to further expand our markets in Asia and America. Click on the images to register for free badge, and get a surprise gift from us.


At the exhibitions, we will present our superior export product, MAGICOH, a cost-effective pellet binder for all purpose that improves water resistance in aqua pellet feeds, while increases hardness and improves integrity in poultry and pig pellet feed, in further to improve feed production efficiency.

In the livestock industry, antibiotics reduction is a global trend. Plant origin products are promising as an alternative of antibiotics for disease prevention and growth promotion. We strongly introduce an essential oil product 3 ESSENDIS. Processed by innovative coating technology, the essential oils are protected, continuously and slowly release during the digestion after being fed to the animals, they are also protected to minimize the volatilization during transportation, storage and further processing. This product is available in powder premix and water soluble forms, and has anticipated benefits for the digestive and reproductive systems in poultry and pig.

OEM processing is such a business to meet the growing demands from our overseas customers for medicinal and nutritional premix in pellet, coated granule, solid solution and enteric soluble forms, so to achieve improved bio-stability, palatability and efficiency. As a representative of local pharmaceutical companies, we will make full use of its innovative technology and complete line of equipments to provide OEM manufacturing. The regular core components(active ingredients) are Florfenicol, Tilmicosin, Enrofloxacin, Amoxicillin, Doxycylcine, SodiumM/Calcium Butyrate, Cysteamine HCL, and etc..

Welcome to visit our booth, or write to us for more information.
Contact information: Ronnick FONG,  Executive Director

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