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News published on July 6, 2016:

New Project Will Help Prevent Erysipelas Outbreaks

Erysipelas is a severe infectious disease caused by the bacterium Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae. The disease is well-known, but basic knowledge particularly on the infection in chickens, is lacking. A new proj...
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www.dca.au.dk. Author: Linda Sondergaard Sorensen.
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News published on March 19, 2009:

How to Identify Lice on Swine

Lice may often go unrecognized in a swine herd, even though these parasites are widely distributed among herds in the United States. Lice infestation is often not considered a serious problem, but it may lead t...
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Purdue University Pork Publications
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News published on November 30, 2004:

USA - Soldier fly larvae could turn manure into high-protein feed

Jeff Tomberlin, a Texas A&M entomologist, is looking into the possibility that black soldier fly larvae, a.k.a. "grubs," could be used to turn livestock manure into high-protein feed. The concept itself has bee...
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Agriculture Online
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News published on June 23, 2004:

USA - Federal health officials alert to threat of new mosquito disease

As if West Nile virus wasn’t bad enough, now U.S. health officials are on the lookout for another mosquito-borne disease, fearing it could become a permanent part of the American landscape if it entered the cou...
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DET News.com
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News published on June 22, 2004:

USA - Mosquito Bites Could Trim Pork Producers' Revenues

Mosquito bites on pigs will cost pork producers money this summer, a University of Nebraska swine specialist said. Higher numbers of mosquitoes this summer means more bites on pigs and higher trim losses at ...
Source :
University of Nebraska
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