Enzyme technology significantly improves digestibility of DDGS

Date of publication : 4/3/2008
Source : Danisco Animal Nutrition
Pig producers looking to reduce feed costs by including DDGS in the feed formulation can use the latest developments in enzyme technology to improve nutrient digestibility, according to recent research from Danisco Animal Nutrition.

DDGS are highly fibrous and can be highly variable in nutrient availability. Insoluble fibres contained in DDGS hold water creating more bulk in the pig’s gut, which can reduce feed intake and subsequent growth. These fibres also bind water-soluble nutrients and enclose them, so they are less available for digestion.

A trial conducted by the University of Illinois, USA, showed that adding both a new-generation phytase (Phyzyme® XP) together with a highly effective xylanase (Porzyme® 9300) to a corn-soy pig diet containing 20% corn DDGS significantly improved digestible energy by 5.6% (175 kcal/kg), ileal amino acid digestibility by around 4.5% and increased phosphorus digestibility from 22% to 51%.

“Feed prices are at an all time high. Now, more than ever, pig producers need to exploit technologies available to them to maximise margins,”  explains Dr Gary Partridge, Technical Services Director, Danisco Animal Nutrition. “Whilst DDGS is potentially a cost-effective and valuable feed ingredient, there are certain anti-nutritional factors which can limit its use in pig feed. We have a wealth of data to show that adding our specific xylanase to pig feeds containing highly fibrous grain by-products improves energy and nutrient digestibility and subsequent pig performance. In this trial, adding our xylanase together with a new generation phytase further improved nutrient digestibility compared to adding either xylanase or phytase individually,”  Dr Partridge concludes.

Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business unit of leading global food ingredient specialist Danisco A/S (Denmark), pioneered the development and use of enzymes and betaine in animal nutrition. Its products are now widely used by poultry and pig producers throughout the world. The company’s mission is to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions that increase efficiency and safety of the food production chain in an environmentally sensitive way.
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