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ASF issue - Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved

Date of publication : 11/25/2020
Company : Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd
Source : Ronnick FONG, Executive Director at Hangzhou De Mark Industrial Co Ltd

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1--- CPV 2020 edition
2--- Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved
3--- Florfenicol, Tilmicosin,vitamin market review
4--- ASF issue

New Regulation & Publication

CVP-2020 Edition Approved

On Oct.29, the draft of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia (2020 Edition) was reviewed and approved. It marks the completion of the compilation of a new edition of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia (CVP 2020). CVP 2020 is composed of three parts: veterinary chemicals, Chinese veterinary medicines, and veterinary biological products, with a total inclusion of 3 general examples, 1621 text varieties and 302 appendices. Compared with the previous five editions of CVP, the 2020 edition has more and more significant innovation, more vital guidance for safe medication and stricter control of risky varieties. Source: China Veterinary Drug Information Network

ASF issue- Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved - Image 1

A New Anticoccidiostat Approved

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs published in Announcement No.350, that a new anti-coccidiosis veterinary drug Ethanamizuril was approved.

The drug was developed by the Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in chickens, which is one of the major diseases threatening the chicken industry worldwide causing an annual loss more than 1 billion US Dollars.

Ethanamizuril has the prominent features, such as high safety, excellent anticoccidial effect (Anticoccidial index up to 185-200), good quality controllability, convenient clinical use, low dosage, short drug withdrawal period, and low cross-resistance with existing anticoccidial drugs. The commercialization of API and premix will start soon.

We are in a position to supply the following conventional anticoccidial drug APIs and premix. Click here to visit more information. Maduramicin, Monensin, Salinomycin, Diclazuril, Toltrazuril, Robenidine, Dinitolmide, Nicarbazine, Decoquinate,Clopidol.

Market Review

ASF issue- Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved - Image 2


Florfenicol has recently been on continuous upward as a result of tight supply and rising prices of upstream raw materials. The expectation of further price increases is still strongly supported.

ASF issue- Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved - Image 3


The manufacturers increased the quotations of all the related products (tylosin, tilmicosin, tiamulin and tylvalosin). Due to limited supply, the market price index is slightly recovering. Long-term low-level operation in the earlier stage might have some space for upgoing.

ASF issue- Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved - Image 4


Most vitamins in the domestic market are running at a low level. Market demand continues to be weak, growth is sluggish, downstream is buying on demand, market transactions are relatively thin.

The only exception is vitamin C, of which the price is rebouncing driven by warming export demand.


African Swine Fever

African swine fever virus (ASFV) loves cold and humid environment while is sensitive to heat and dryness. The abrupt drop in temperature created favourable conditions for the spread of ASFV.

In order to prevent and control ASFV and other epidemic diseases, pig farms should improve the biosecurity system, reduce contact with the outside and so to effectively prevent the introduction and spread of the epidemic.

Vaccines and specific drugs are presently at absence. Every link of the pig farming industry, including feed, feed additives, veterinary drugs and related breeding supplies, should take corresponding biosecurity measures to cooperate with the pig farms in the biological prevention and control. Our associate manufacturer has prepared a draft of biological prevention and control applicable to feed additives and veterinary drug manufacturers (text version), welcome download from my website. Click here.

 ASF issue- Noval anti-coccidial drug is approved - Image 5

We also recommend the following products for comprehensive prevention and treatment. Consult us for more details of the solution.

PECHOO (Potassium Peroxomonosulfate Compound Disinfectant)

Potassium hydrogen persulfate has strong penetrating power, can penetrate the envelope virus, and is non-toxic and non-irritating to pigs. It can be widely used in the disinfection of equipment, appliances, environment and drinking water in the production and processing areas of pig farms.

Haurin 60 (60% alfa-Monolaurin)

The active ingredient alfa-Monolaurin glyceride can destroy the envelope of African swine fever virus, inhibit virus replication, and effectively prevent and control ASF.

Aiming at its disadvantage of being insoluble in water, we supply water-soluble premix prepared by innovative production technology, which can be mixed in compound feed and administrated in drinking water as well.

Haurin 60 is also beneficial for improving immunity.

AstraPE 40. Astragalus Extract 40%

This is a concept derived from the combination of traditional Chinese  medicine and western modern medicine.

The benefits of Astragalus polysaccharides include improving immunity and increasing antibody levels. It plays a supporting role in the comprehensive programme of prevention and treatment of ASFV, by partially replacing the use of antibiotics.

SYNPEN. Enrofloxacin 10% Coated

The active ingredient Enrofloxacin has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect and is effective against 10 major bacteria. At the same time, it can inhibit African swine fever virus replication by blocking the opening of the super-coiled DNA strand of ASFV. The microencapsulated enrofloxacin is slow-release in small intestine, has no affect to feeding, no hurt to the stomach, highly safe and efficient.

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