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June 21, 2022 to June 24, 2022
Av. Salvador Allende, 6555 - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

To meet research and market needs, IPVS 2022 strengthens its partnership with the main Brazilian swine production entities

Date of publication : 7/27/2021
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To meet research and market needs, IPVS2022 strengthens its partnership with the main Brazilian swine production entities - Image 1

Representatives from ABPA, ABCS, ABEGS and Embrapa will actively participate in promoting IPVS Rio de Janeiro

Aiming to make the connection between science and market, the IPVS2022 Congress - International Pig Veterinary Society, the most important scientific event of the world’s swine industry, has the support of the main entities in the industry to build a solid event that adds scientific content and a debate for the construction of new trends in global swine industry. IPVS2022 will be held in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) from June 21st to 24th 2022, at the RioCentro Convention & Event, with the main topic: “New perspectives for the pig industry: biosecurity, productivity and innovation.”

“We will connect science - the essence of the IPVS - with the market. We need to understand that one cannot live without the other. Science has no end in itself: it is at the service of producing more and better food, and this premise is directly connected to the reason for the IPVS' existence,"  explained José Antônio Ribas, the event’s Director of Institutional Relations.

The International Pig Veterinary Society is an association founded more than 50 years ago, with the aim of organizing international congresses and providing an exchange of knowledge on swine production and health. It is an itinerant event, held every two years on different continents across the world. The association is composed of a board of directors called the “IPVS Board,” formed by the presidents of the last ten editions, and the current and future presidents of the Organizing Committee.

The organizing committee of IPVS2022 is composed of Fernanda Almeida, The IPVS President, Roberto Guedes chair of the  Scientific Committee, Isabel Muniz Financial Director, Amilton Silva Commercial and Communication Director, Lia Coswig Biosecurity Director, Lauren Ventura  Social Director, and José Antônio Ribas, Institutional Relations Director.

“The Brazilians are privileged, as there are few countries that have hosted the event more than once. In 1988, Brazil hosted the 10th IPVS Congress, chaired by the veterinarian and leader in swine production, Luciano Roppa,” noted Fernanda Almeida, veterinarian, PhD, and president of the IPVS2022 Congress. At the same time, three decades ago, Brazil had just eradicated African Swine Fever (ASF), a great achievement for the country.

“The scenario made it possible to show foreigner, especially Europeans – who represent the public at the event – what Brazil and the Brazilian people are capable of achieving. After the congress, the Brazilian pig industry experienced major advances in the fields of genetics, health, nutrition, breeding, and in other l areas,” emphasized Fernanda.

“There is a massive field for discussion in which we wish to create attractions not only for the academia and researchers, but also for business. IPVS2022 is made for everyone. Companies will have their space, in which they will be able to bring their teams and discuss the future of the global pig industry,” said Ribas, while adding: “I am a defender of the privilege of working in the food production chain. It is a special purpose. Hence, we can look at consumers and customers, anticipate trends, and generate questions and answers in the interaction between science and the market. We will do something innovative!” he ensured.


The strength of Brazilian pig industry lies in its union

According to Ribas, IPVS2022 will be innovative. The Rio de Janeiro’s edition will be different from a scientific and marketing standpoint, seeking interactions between science and the market. Therefore, it has the support of the main entities of the Brazilian pig industry, which will be crucial in mediating such interactions.

“The IPVS2022 has to be unique and generate changes within the Brazilian scenario. It is a great opportunity for Brazil to show its organization and virtues. We will be host a high-level event with great debates,” stressed the director.

The 26th edition of the event is carried out by the Brazilian Socitey of Pig Veterinarians (ABRAVES), an entity that plays a key role in the Brazilian production chain and has a strong presence in associations and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, (MAPA). The event is supported by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), the Brazilian Pig Producers Association (ABCS), the Brazilian Association of Pig Genetics Companies (ABEGS), and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa).


Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA)

“An event, such as the IPVS, strengthens the image of Brazil, which is already highly influential in the international market. We are the world’s fourth largest producer, moving towards becoming the 3rd largest exporter. We work to increase our production and exports, while supplying the domestic market. This situation shows that we need great events, in which science must be used to develop. As the president of ABPA, I confirm our support so that we can carry out an extraordinary event, counting on a pig industry that is truly good, which must be shown to the world,” said Ricardo Santin, president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association.


Brazilian Pig Producers Association (ABCS)

“For us from the ABCS, it is a great privilege to hold this event in Brazil. We are experiencing a difficult moment, but I believe that in 2022, with the advance of vaccination, we will have a different, more optimistic scenario. The pig industry is growing; as so, we need more international events in Brazil. We are continuously demanded as a global showcase of what is done correctly in terms of pig production,” stressed Marcelo Lopes, president of the Brazilian Pig Producers Association.


Brazilian Association of Pig Genetics Companies (ABEGS)

“The members of the Brazilian Association of Pig Genetics Companies influence over 95% of Brazilian slaughter. Hence, ABEGS has a great interest in promoting the Brazilian pig industry. We have seen that it is very important not only to implement well-done marketing, but also to communicate what is done. Within the global pig production system, Brazil stands out not only for its zootechnical quality in terms of performance, but also in terms of health. This is a privilege, and we must protect it. In this sense, the IPVS gets it right again in establishing the Biosecurity committee, which will bring even more confidence to maintain the safety of our herd,” said Alexandre Furtado da Rosa, president of the Brazilian Association of Pig Genetics Companies.


Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa)

“The IPVS2022 project has been built on a very solid basis, and in this construction, we are learning a lot of new things, mainly regarding the new format of uniting the industry and the technical sector. We all want to make the project work. Success begins with union, and this is the time to regain our strength in the international markets,” said Janice Zanella, Head of Swine and Poultry at Embrapa.

According to Ariel Mendes, a member of the Biosecurity committee, the organization of a world congress is a very big responsibility. “Therefore, we will focus on interactivity, guaranteeing the safety of our breeding stock, while showing the public how our farms work. This care is intended to enhance pig farming. The adoption of restrictive measures is not intended to alienate people, but rather to preserve health quality and the supply of international markets that consume the pork protein produced in Brazil. At this point, the entities will assist us in publicizing these measures to producers, farmers, equipment industry, and other links in the chain.”

“We thank the support of the entities that have joined us in this journey and reinforce that, with the union of everyone, we will conduct a great IPVS in Rio de Janeiro,” promised Lauren Ventura, the National President of Abraves.

“With the support of these entities, we are certain of mobilizing the chain, which will add new scenarios to the event for the construction of a debate focused on science and the market, based on the virtues of the Brazilian pig industry. IPVS2022 will generate changes in the Brazilian scenario. It will be a unique opportunity for Brazil to show its organization and greatness,” concluded Ribas.

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