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Freetox for mycotoxin management. Benoit Thys (Nutrex)

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Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Benoit Thys presents Freetox, Nutrex's toxin binder and speaks about its benefits in livestock production and how it helps avoid animal contamination through feed.


My name´s Benoit Thys, I´m working for Nutrex company and I´m a product manager for the toxin binder which is called Freetox. So nowadays, more and more companies and more feed millers have started doing management about mycotoxins, it´s becoming more and more important in the livestock production, and important in that case is for sure a good and reliable, an early detection of mycotoxin in the field and in the grains, but next to that, which is also important is a good strategy, and it is to use a good binder to help to prevent that animals are contaminated with mycotoxins. So Nutrex started a few years ago to develop a toxin binder with this developed and based on several components, clay minerals and also yeast cell walls components.  The first component is an acid activated clay mineral and with this special acid activation process we try to increase the volume, we try to increase the surface of the product and this is the case so we have a higher binder capacity by this procedure that is done. The second component is the clinoptilolite is also binding mycotoxins but is also selective for amonium cations and this has also possitive effects for sure in poultry that can also prevent some footpad lesions in this case. The third component that is included in the freetox products are the yeast cell walls, and yeast cell walls and the main components in this product are the beta glucans because they are providing the binding sides for mycotoxins. The yeast cell walls that we are extracting are extracted especially in the exponential phase and in this case the beta glucans are more flexible. That means that the binding sides especially for mycotoxins would be more easy to access for mycotoxins themselves. So finally we have a product that is a multicomponent product that can be used to bind a broad range of mycotoxins all over the digestive tract. It´s activate in several P.H. levels and it is also a very stable product during feed production. the product is very effective in the animals and it´s been tested in several in vivo trials in all kind of species. 

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Marcus Marcus
Regional Sales Manager
February 2, 2015
Hallo Benoit....How are you...Benoit can I ask you about the Ingredients of Freetox...? This Toxin Binder just for Specific Animal or for All Animal....? Tq
February 19, 2015
Dear Marcus. You can use this toxin binder for all animal species (poultry, pigs, ruminants, aqua). The Free-Tox is based on three active ingredients: 1) acid activated bentonite; 2) clinoptilolite (zeolite) and 3) yeast cell walls. Some Ca-propionate is added to inhibit mold development in the feed. Regards,
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