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Special Nutrients celebrated its 25 years as mycotoxin specialist during VIV Asia 2011

Date of publication : 5/9/2011
Company : Special Nutrients
Source : Special Nutrients

During the VIV Meeting held in March of this year in Bangkok, Thailand, the owners of Special Nutrients celebrated their close relationship with the animal feed-additive business for more than a quarter of a century.

Products like Mycoad and Mycoad AZ have demonstrated continuously their efficacy against several mycotoxins in different species in tests performed in prestigious and independent universities and laboratories around the world.

In the in vivo tests (performed in animals) the company has emphasized that the evaluation of the effectiveness of their mycotoxin binders is based on the protection afforded to the organs typically affected by the mycotoxins tested in the experiment. That is, evaluation of the product based on the protection of target organs. 

Watch Fernando Tamames's video during VIV Asia 2011 




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