LC-MSMS: Method for Mycotoxin Analysis. Alex Yiannikouris (Alltech Mycotoxins)

Date of publication : 7/23/2012
Source : Alltech Mycotoxins

Dr. Alex Yiannikouris, Global Analytical Research Director for Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management team on the 37+ program and the holistic approach to analyzing the challenges in the industry.

Emerging technologies such as LC-MSMS, an analytical method for investigating more than 30 different mycotoxins quantitatively in less than 15 minutes, has been developed and nicely complements the pool of rapid but limited technologies. This methodology represents a real breakthrough in bringing new correlation to the multiple presence of various mycotoxins and their impact on health and performance in animal production. Therefore, a better risk evaluation can be assessed and provide better ammunition to find adapted solutions to manage mycotoxins.

Some of the points that we need to remember:

• Numerous tests available but extensive list of pitfalls.
• A compromise is needed between semi-quantitative rapid screening and comprehensive and fastidious mycotoxin speciation and quantification.
• The problem is still complex and errors still inherent.
• LCMSMS is one of the most practical strategies available to overcome those errors and move to multi-analyte testing.
• The Use of LCMSMS to understand mycotoxin patterns can help us better evaluate the risk associated with mycotoxins.
• LCMSMS enables to test for the efficacy of our remediation strategy on real samples.



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