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Identify mycotoxin risk with MycoMan® Mobile App – launch of the 2nd version!

Date of publication : 1/25/2021
Company : Adisseo
Source : Margaux LECOLINET, Global Marketing Manager Mycotoxins Management, Palatability & Aquaculture

Identify mycotoxin risk with MycoMan® Mobile App – launch of the 2nd version! - Image 1

From the field to the feed, mycotoxin production is a cumulative process. It is controlled by several factors, the most important being climatic conditions and agronomic practices during cultivation. However, each mycotoxin has its own pattern of development, meaning that crop contamination is different each year; both in terms of quantity and mycotoxin type. This means the risk is ever-present and ever-changing.

Different options exist to identify mycotoxin risk. A forecast of crop contamination is available through prediction models, such as MycoMan Predict developed by Adisseo and Syngenta in partnership. Harvest surveys provide analytical values of mycotoxins in maize and wheat, both post-harvest level and before storage. To identify the level of contamination within an entity. Two types of mycotoxin tests are available; rapid test kits (mainly for raw materials) or at a lab (for finished feed).

Although it is important to know the levels of each mycotoxin challenge, this data alone doesn’t help the feed producer decide what to do. It is essential to conduct a full mycotoxin risk assessment in order to put a comprehensive mycotoxin management program in place. Mycotoxin risk assessment is the scientific evaluation of the probability of known or potential adverse health effects occurring, resulting from the exposure of animals to mycotoxins. This is the purpose of the MycoMan® Mobile App. It is a simple way of evaluating the mycotoxin challenge, for a specific group of animals, and to calculate the dose of mycotoxin deactivator required to effectively control mycotoxins. This fast and user-friendly mycotoxin management tool complements information from mycotoxin analysis - helping feed and animal producers manage mycotoxins for better animal health and performance.

How to get access?

  • Download it via App Store or Google play
  • MycoMan® Mobile app is available in English, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish.
  • Inside, you will find risk assessment, harvest bulletin, products info and some practical information on the most important mycotoxins.
Identify mycotoxin risk with MycoMan® Mobile App – launch of the 2nd version! - Image 1

More information here and know more about How to register on MycoMan® mobile App

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