Food & Feed Safety Testing: welcomes BIOO Scientific Corp.

Date of publication : 6/25/2008
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BIOO Scientific Corp. is a biotechnology and health care company headquartered in Austin, Texas (USA), with the focus on maximizing science with a direct impact on life.

BIOO Scientific Corp. operates in four focus areas: Food and Feed Safety Testing, Research and Preclinical Testing Products, BIOO Services, and Drug Development.

The company now offers through its line of food and feed safety test products covering Antibiotics / Veterinary Drugs, Hormones, Microbiological Tests, Mycotoxins, Phycotoxins, and Scombrotoxin (Histamine).

To  know more about the company. and its wide range of food and feed safety tests, visit BIOO Scientific Corp. showcase on Engormix.
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