Amlan International products receive aflatoxin binder certification in Texas, US

Date of publication : 1/16/2012
Source : Amlan International

Amlan International, maker of Calibrin and ConditionAde mycotoxin binders, today announced that it has received approval from the Office of the Texas State Chemist for the use of Calibrin-A, Calibrin-Z and ConditionAde 2.5 as aflatoxin binders in the state of Texas, United States.

Dr. Ron Cravens, Vice President of Amlan International said, "We are very pleased with the approval we received for our products as aflatoxin binders in the state of Texas. The high performance values of our products are indicative of our mineral's unique binding characteristics to effectively sequester aflatoxin.

"For more than twenty years our company has been providing mineral additives to livestock producers outside of the United States for the mitigation of mycotoxicosis. Our customers have come to rely on consistent, high quality products that provide optimal performance for their livestock."

The company has over seventy years of mineral expertise in selecting and enhancing the performance of sorbent minerals and quality control in all phases of mining and manufacturing. This ensures the highest quality products that are designed to provide consistent and reliable performance.

Calibrin-A, Calibrin-Z and ConditionAde 2.5 effectively bind aflatoxin and are used in multiple livestock species for the mitigation of mycotoxicosis. The products are registered under license number 704109-3.


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