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Palatability In Ruminant - Helping Nutrition Happen

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June 11, 2021
Palatability is always the first parameter while choosing ingredients of TMR/Feed for ruminants Worth listening video for every progressive livestock
August 20, 2021
This is an interesting issue where for the feeding methodology of the TMR, some of the behavior of the cows in the feeding process came relegate or forgotten.
In the intensive grazing system the; smell and selective process, as well the palatability and the speeding in harvest of the forage are factors which are complete linked. To all these need to be add the factor of the competence in between the cows in the group of cows into the paddock, which have a high relevance for the harvesting process. As well the complementary factor in the management of the pasture increasing the digestibility of the forage.
In a free stall system the cows are limited, need to eat what we provide, the alternative they have is to reject the feeding, selecting trough the sorting process after smell the feeds.
To avoid this we need to apply the appropriate approach in the preparation of the feeds or TMR preparation. We need to learn to smell and appreciate the taste, and evaluate the formula composition, providing the particle size appropriate, in general the TMR need to be stick, as well including molasses and some additives.
The cows do not have to much choice in the feeds we provide, then we need to apply the best effort in apply the best preparation of the TMR are possible.

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