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How to support rumen function when feeding low forage diets?

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Mariana Petkova Mariana Petkova
Animal Nutritionist
January 14, 2020

Dear Dr. Nenov, greetings from Sofia! It was my great pleasure to see the video with you! I know an Actisaf as a feed additive and source of viable cells of a strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae which has sure potential to be efficacious in weaned piglets and sows. But, up to now, no or insufficient evidence was provided to conclude on the efficacy of the additive in dairy cows and cattle for fattening. Your attempts to give evidence for effect on rumen function when feeding low forage diets is very important. Although the nature of the ruminants is to consume more forages than concentrates! In my country, when the farm is not industrial, we prefer to formulate the ration in 70:30 forage to concentrates and to have a longer productivity age of the cows. It is well known that when the ratio of feeds is inversely, the age of productive life is shortened (up to max 2.5years).
I would like to wish you good success! My very best regards!

Joe Magadi Joe Magadi
January 16, 2020
Hi Mariana,

I highly agree with you. I think the modern rationing system for high yielding dairy cows is causing an imbalance in the metabolism of the animal to the extent that nutrient partitioning is so skewed toward high fat milk production at the expense of health and fertility. Let us rethink and consider perhaps moderating the energy and protein content of milk to see if we can re-balance the dynamics of metabolism and improve longevity.
February 23, 2020
Dear Dr. Nenov, greetings from IRAN. when we use more concentrate, the life time, fat percentage and the health of our animal will decrease as you know.
When we use something like Actisaf, it 'll help, but the question is, how much?
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