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Zheng Chang Group introduces its new brand SPHS268F Extruder

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Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hao Yun, President of Zheng Chang Group, presents the new Extruder SPHS268F, during VIV Asia 2017 in Thailand. Zhengchang latest high-efficiency aqua feed extruder SPHS268F, the capacity can reach 20tph with 400kw motor. Equipped with full automatic touch panel operation system, easy for operation with high intelligence.

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star Enrique Diaz Enrique Diaz
Agro Engineer Zootechnist. Product Line Manager Vegetable Oil & Animal Feed Divisions
Anderson International Corp Anderson International Corp
Ohio, United States
July 5, 2017
It's hard to believe that a 268 mm or 10" diameter extruder can do 20 TPH on fish feed with only 500HP (400kw) drive motor, in order to achieve this such capacity the metallurgy used to manufacture the segmented worms on the main shaft has to exceptional with very good quality in order to be able to support high torque to properly cook the ingredients of the formulation/ration.

Most of the manufacturers rather to make longer machines instead going bigger in diameter, however, this could be inappropriate since the longer the shaft the worse is the resistance to the frictional forces inside the machine traducing this in break points.

I wonder what collect size (or die insert specifications) was produced on this machine to reach this capacity considering fish feed suggest very small collet sizes and requires a very fine grinding at the post-grinding step.

Please illustrate a little bit more in details about this machine if possible.
Thank you.

Enrique Diaz.
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