The Performance and Popularity of K35 and K25 Pellet Mills

Date of publication : 7/30/2015
Source : FAMSUN

Last year,new gear box pellet mills are the main focus of the European R&D Institute of FAMSUN. The two types of mill on stream are: K35(SZLH685×245)with its power being 250KW and K25(SZLH575×210)with the power being 200KW; each of the two machines is equipped with dedicated feeder and conditioner.

In July 2014, the first K35 pellet mill was put into operation at a customer's plant. After three months' production, the customer was very satisfied with the machine. According to the testing results of the third-party evaluation agency, the output of the K35 mill reached 38.1t/h with the power consumption being 6.27kWh/t.

The outstanding pelleting technologies ensures the high output and low consumption of the two machines. The pelleting chamber of the mill is optimized so that the distribution of the materials in the pressing area is even, giving full play to the capacities of the pellet mills. Both K35 and K25 pellet mills have power-off protection, sampling shield, cylinder shield, coupling shield and oil level monitor. When it comes to stability, the safety factor of the pellet mills are 1.3 times of that of their international counterparts.

SPM of Thailand, MANISA from Turkey, Al-Khumasia from Saudi Arabia, the CP Group etc. placed orders for the K35 pellet mill. The first K25 pellet mill was put into production of feed for ducks and chickens at the factory of a customer in Guangxi province in January 2015. Afterwards, orders were made by customers such the Morocco-based Benwayand Turkey-based TDS.

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